Apr 26, 2020

Live Music for Funerals in Auckland

By Jenny Eastwood

Funerals are a time of not only sadness but also of celebration of a loved one's life. When putting together a day that best captures the essence of someone, music can hold a great deal of meaning.  A live performing artist has a unique magic that can be the key element in honoring their memory.

To help make this process as easy as possible for you, we've put together a list of some of the most suitable artists for the occasion as well as some of the considerations of live music at a funeral.

There are many options for which type of music you can have at a funeral from an acoustic duo to a string quartet. The choice is entirely down to what you feel would be most appropriate for the occasion.  Share the songs your loved one treasured most with our team and we will be more than happy to make some recommendations.

Our artists provide all the equipment they require to perform and are sensitive to the delicate realities of funerals so they will ensure everything is set up and ready to go before the service takes place.

Our artists are flexible; they can perform before the funeral as people are arriving, during the service itself or afterwards once the service is finished. It is entirely up to you to decide which option will best suit the day. If you’d like, we can discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and make suggestions based on our conversation.

We have selected a handful of artists who we believe are best suited to funeral performances, including acoustic artists, jazz musicians and string quartets.

High Society

Ra Charmian and Hayden Booth make up High Society Duo. Ra is a gifted vocalist who has spent the last 10 years performing at the highest level in the world’s most celebrated hotel in 10 different countries. Hayden is a talented multi-instrumentalist and together High Society Duo offer a wide selection of laid back soul, classic hits and an acoustic take on modern songs. High Society are an ideal choice for funerals requiring a wide range of music genres.

Matt Stone

Matt Stone is an experienced, multi-talented musician with more than 10 years experience. He is versatile and equally comfortable as an acoustic guitarist, pianist and vocalist. His multi-instrumental talent coupled with his ability to play just about any song you choose means Matt is guaranteed to strike the right note at the funeral.

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson is a seasoned pro, with extensive experience working with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Joseph offers a groovy, laidback acoustic performance featuring songs from the likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop to Bob Marley, Bill Withers to Dave Dobbyn. Joseph delivers the perfect gentle, laidback acoustic performance.

Allenby Park

Allenby Park is an acoustic duo offering beautiful, laidback music with a generous helping of groove. With a friendship dating back to high school, Sam and Manoah have a musical chemistry that is rare. Between the two of them, they have a vast repertoire of great songs perfect for accommodating any funeral requirements.


Luna is a singer-songwriter who blends Spanish and English into her music to showcase elements from both sides of her cultural background. Her music fuses reggaeton, jazz and R&B, coupled with her sultry voice Luna promises to deliver a spellbinding acoustic performance.

TJ Taotua

Tj Taotua is an Auckland-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. With 18 years experience Tj is well versed across a broad range of genres and a variety of styles; this includes Pacific such as Samoan, Tongan, Fijian and Hawaiian. With captivating vocals, soulful acoustic guitar and grooving percussion, Tj Is very popular for Samoan and Tongan funeral celebrations.

The Black Quartet

Unrivalled as New Zealand’s premier string quartet, The Black Quartet are a sophisticated, versatile group of extremely talented young musicians, offering a contemporary take on this classic ensemble style. The calibre of their musicianship is matched by the cool, contemporary style and attitude they bring to their art form.

Quantum Blue Duo

Quantum Blue Duo bring elegance and old world glamour to any occasion with a range of beautiful songs. Featuring Clo Chaperon on vocals and Dr Mark Baynes on the piano, this duo performs a combination of well known jazz standards along with relaxed arrangements of contemporary hits Quantum Blue Duo are an ideal choice for a jazz lover’s funeral.

Sam Allen

Sam Allen is a solo acoustic guitarist and vocalist with vast experience performing solo and in some of Auckland’s most highly sought-after cover bands, giving him an edge that few can match. Sam delivers beautiful acoustic renditions of some of the best pop, hip hop, funk and soul tunes together with his unique, soulful sensibility.

We understand that funerals are an incredibly difficult time, coupled with a very short amount of time to arrange a celebration of an entire life. When we receive funeral enquiries, we make them our top priority. If you would like advice or suggestions for how best to incorporate live musicians into the funeral you are planning, just call us on 021 889 551 or email [email protected]


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Jenny Eastwood is a freelance copywriter based in Auckland. View more of her work at www.eastwoodcreative.co.




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